The Weekend’s Reading, 4/29–30/17

This weekend was dedicated to yardwork and TV and The Handmaid’s Tale and iZombie and reading. And the awful wig they put on poor Grant Gustin in The Flash.


Dana Martin, Stage Raw, Ah, Wilderness! (Apr. 18, 2017)

Trump Language

Marissa Gemma & Arielle Zibrak, The Baffler, Big-League Bluster (Apr. 28, 2017)


Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times, Netflix adaptation of ‘Dear White People’ mixes personal and political for best of both worlds (Apr. 27, 2017)

Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter, ‘American Gods’: TV Review (Apr. 25, 2017)


David Weigel, The Washington Post, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock on dark money, the drug war and his state’s special election (Apr. 25, 2017)


Peter Debruge, Variety, Film Review: ‘Sweet Virginia’ (Apr. 27, 2017)

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times, Big Brother turns into a bit of a bore in ‘The Circle,’ and there’s not an app for that (Apr. 27, 2017)

Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times, Mystery-thriller ‘Grey Lady’ bogs down in murky waters (Apr. 28, 2017) — Nantucket, not the New York Times

Mike D’Angelo, A.V. Club, Jaime Lannister goes ex-con weary in the uneven Netflix genre riff Small Crimes (Apr. 26, 2017)

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, A.V. Club, The sci-fi abduction thriller Rupture is as personality-free as its title (Apr. 26, 2017)

Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke is trapped in lifeless mystery ‘Voice From the Stone’ (Apr. 27, 2017)

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, ‘One Week and a Day’ works through grief, one toke at a time (Apr. 27, 2017)

Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times, Lust and gore abound in trashy horror film ‘The Black Room’ (Apr. 27, 2017)

Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times, Steamy drama ‘Below Her Mouth’ doesn’t even buy you dinner first (Apr. 27, 2017)

Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times, Action-crime flick ‘Black Rose’ recycles Arnold and ’80s cliches (Apr. 27, 2017)

Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times, You may need AP physics to keep up with mind-bending sci-fi thriller ‘Displacement’ (Apr. 27, 2017)

Peter Debruge, Variety, Film Review: ‘The Wall’ (Apr. 28, 2017)

Guy Lodge, Variety, Film Review: ‘Below Her Mouth’ (Apr. 27, 2017)

Jesse Hassenger, A.V. Club, Emma Watson fights a losing battle with internet paranoia in The Circle (Apr. 27, 2017)

Niela Orr, The Baffler, The Sound and the “Furious” (Apr. 21, 2017)

Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times, Magic and a gritty drama make a star of Jacob Latimore in ‘Sleight’ (Apr. 27, 2017)


Michael Baumann, The Ringer, The Colorado Rockies Are the Weirdest Team in Baseball (Apr. 28, 2017)

Grant Brisbee, SB Nation, Cody Bellinger has a chance to be a freak of baseball (Apr. 27, 2017)

Grant Brisbee, SB Nation, The Mets are a frightening mess (Apr. 28, 2017)

David Roth And David Raposa, Vice Sports, Eric Thames Has Plenty Of Urine: Yakkin’ About Baseball (Apr. 28, 2017)

Ben Lindbergh, The Ringer, Are MLB Teams Gaming the New 10-Day DL System? — The Ringer (Apr. 27, 2017)


Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, MTV News, The Fullness Of Rodney King (Apr. 27, 2017)

Experiments in Corporate Activism

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, Two law professors experimented with acting like real-life corporate raiders — it didn’t go well (Apr. 28, 2017)


Ben Lindbergh, The Ringer, ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ and the Walking Simulation Genre (Apr. 28, 2017)


Chris Lehmann, The Baffler, The Mismeasure of Media (Apr. 27, 2017)


Rafia Zakaria, The Baffler, Bomb Envy (Apr. 26, 2017)


J.M. Bernays, The Baffler, The Anatomy of Liberal Melancholy (Apr. 25, 2017)


Emmett Rensin, The Baffler, Paul Ryan, Überwonk (Apr. 17, 2017)


Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, The Baffler, A Poet’s Work (Apr. 7, 2017)

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