Android Vulkan — NDK Update

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Will update the content if new versions come out.

NDK r18

I update NDK version to r18 for a new feature VK_KHR_multiview. And some changes are applied to layerlib/CMakeLists.txt due to updates of Vulkan layers and STL backend for Android Studio.


I found NDK r17 is pretty much the same with that in r18 in Vulkan layer files so I group command blocks with r17 as a baseline. NDK version is referenced by the variable ${ANDROID_NDK_REVISION}.


I don’t want any duplicated compiling flags so I back up the original CPP flags of each CMakeLists.txt to CMAKE_CXX_clone which is used to restore the CPP flags at the end. Then I separate macro symbols from CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in order for definitions to be in effect after CPP flags are restored.

Vulkan Layer

  • VK_LAYER_LUNARG_swapchain
The remaining functionality in the VK_LAYER_LUNARG_swapchain layer has been migrated into the VK_LAYER_LUNARG_core_validation layer

    Disappeared after Vulkan, not even mentioned in changelog.

Layers Source Files

Source files for building layer libraries are different between versions, check layerlib/CMakeLists.txt in detail.


LLVM’s libc++ is the C++ standard library that has been used by the Android OS since Lollipop, and as of NDK r18 is the only STL available in the NDK.


We might get a message like saying

WARNING: ABIs [armeabi-v7a,armeabi] set by ‘’ gradle flag contained ‘ARMEABI’ not targeted by this project

while building the project. It happened when I upgraded NDK version to r18 and I found no solutions about this problem(it’s just a warning, our app still works).

And we might need to delete cmake folder in \.externalNativeBuild in order to avoid the error stating that linker cannot find The name of STL libraries began to have version postfix like,, etc, from r18, which indicates Android platform version.