To those saying something along the lines of -
“This election is like choosing between a lethal injection or a firing squad.”

We got hopeful, we thought we were getting spoiled — mostly, we thought we could have Bernie Sanders as our president. Wouldn’t that have been amazing? As many have said — we could’ve had it all. Now that he is (most likely) out of the race, people want to give up. People are saying that Clinton and Trump are equally as evil and devious. But here’s the thing — Bernie was perhaps the first real and honest possibility we could have ever had as a potential candidate. He was, and we should all acknowledge it, what a presidential candidate should truly be — aware of social issues and working to better the country, or the world, and standing by what they have been saying since the beginning.

So like Isaid, we got spoiled. Now we think nothing can ever compare to Bernie. And sure, no one really can, but here’s the thing — Clinton and Trump are not “equally evil.” If you are a true Democrat, liberal, etc — if you support what Bernie has been saying and trying to say, you should realize that although his main goal was of course to become president, another large goal of his is to make sure that a republican, specifically Trump, does not end up winning.

People dislike Clinton because they think she is corrupt — and maybe she is, but she isn’t the first. You can argue that even Obama — our liberal democratic savior — is corrupt. You could argue that basically every politician ever is corrupt, which they probably are.

But it’s not about voting for someone who isn’t corrupt at all, because that’s not going to happen in american politics. With Bernie, sure, it could have. But he was the outlier. So again, it’s not about “Bernie or bust” — it shouldn’t be you either vote for Bernie or you don’t vote at all. If you truly care about what Bernie was trying to get across, if you actually want to make a change, you have to vote regardless. You don’t get to choose one person from the beginning then say “if they don’t win the primaries, Y’m not voting at all.” Because then maybe you were just jumping on the Bernie-bandwagon because he seemed cool and fun and you liked the idea of him being president — and of course you did, didn’t we all. But if you wanted to vote him into office because you wanted actual change, you can’t just give up. You can’t throw away your vote, because if you do, Trump will win. and I can promise you that even if you hate Clinton with every fiber of your being, she’s better than Trump.

So don’t throw away your vote. Don’t let trump win. Because it’s not like choosing between a lethal injection and a firing squad — it’s like choosing between a lethal injection and someone who still stands a chance of bringing our country to a better place.

Maybe you can’t vote for Bernie anymore, but you don’t have to not vote at all. It’s not Bernie or bust — it’s democrat or bust.

If you wanted to vote for Bernie but can’t now, vote for f*cking Hillary.