IA#6 Deriving Meaning

Deriving a meaning is easy especially when it is clearly stated or written in an objective manner. But when written poetically or when visually conveyed through lines, colors, shapes, and even bodily movements, that is when the meaning varies from person to person depending on how deep their knowledge of or how well they knew the very person who is giving the message. This makes art timely, how deriving its meaning varies and how it was given a meaning in a way that is applicable in the past, how it’s still relevant today and how it gives a vision of the future.

1. DUYAN by Nestor Leynes

They say that motherly love is the greatest kind of love for a mother can choose her child over her life. At the earliest stage of pregnancy, legal or illegal, moral or immoral, the mother has the choice to let go of the child for it could mean that bearing a child could also mean a 50% chance of the mother not being able to continue living, and still she chose to bare the child. In the painting, the mother’s attention is solely on the child and that there is no other object that contains the painting. Having the mother look at the child and not look at the audience gives off the vibe that the painter wanted to highlight love of the mother to her child. Since there is no other object in the painting that could caught the attention of the audience, even the image of the mother looks at the child, the painter somehow wanted the audience to look at the child and feel the happiness and joy of the mother that is looking at her child. Looking at the painting, the child did not stare back to the mother. The child somehow is looking at the audience, somewhat inviting the audience in the scene and join the mother. The painting doesn’t give off any dark emotions since it made use of bright colors and a good ambient lighting.


Boxes are commonly used as an item for storage purposes and some, for disposal purposes. Littered empty boxes are usually used by stray animals and some are purposefully used by people who cannot take care of their baby animals anymore. These are usually being displayed on the side of the streets for them to be seen by people who pass by and if luck came in these animals’ way, they will be adopted and be taken care of. Them being in a box provides shelter for them and being on the side of the streets where they could be seen by most people, there could be a possibility that they will be fed and with that they could live on with their lives, though maybe not living their lives at its fullest but still they are alive. Much like with street children in our country. They are not living their lives at its fullest and is deprived of most privileges that a human should have. Their right to life includes these basic needs, but they could only get food when people who pass by them gives them food, and most of them also uses boxes technically making it their shelter (since they use it as a bed and a blanket in the cold night and a protective “roof” against the sunlight during the day). The artist probably wants to raise an awareness regarding these street children that ideally shouldn’t be neglected and be treated the same as those stray animals living in a box on the side of the streets.

3. GANAP by Project EDSA Team

Green is the color of the nature and the said color is believed to give off a relaxing vibe to our visuals. The artwork could mean environmental awareness. It being in an industrial place and where pollution is present could possibly mean a reminder for people who pass by to decrease their carbon footprint for the sustainability of our environment. The mural is a combination of sea creatures that is painted in a manner that could be seen as living in the land at its first glance. I recognized that there is a horseshoe crab that is even a prehistoric creature and these animals are being extracted of their blood because its manner of living for how many years could be helpful to human. Their blood is being used as one of our medicine intake. The mural could possibly want to communicate to us that these creatures have helped us a lot, it’s time for us to pay them back through a clean environment. Another point that could also mean that the mural would want the very message mentioned above is that the paint that is being used is environmental friendly and that it cleanses the air.

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