Edgecoin: Our Internal Blockchain for Founders

It’s nice that KPCB did this and I respect the gesture. But access for writing into the chain is (understandably) invite-only, and the Edgecoin Explorer shows nothing but the Base58Check addresses of transactions devoid of human-readable mappings to to real-world activities. All we can do is browse hashes like “EKmTcnt8wZ3xhGtDHYxugE5pZZGD” and wonder what they mean — somewhat less than illuminating.

So despite the claim that the explorer exhibits a “verifiable record of activity on the Edgecoin network, allowing anyone to observe and verify the details of a transaction,” the reality is that the app is asphyxiates outside the protective biome of the KPCB walled-garden. This project could be seen as an elaborate humblebrag or maybe a“humbletease”, similar to the “open-washing” open source announcements at Facebook’s @Scale conference:

“we just open-sourced an amazing new high-scale database! (which is completely useless without our proprietary configuration files and data-sets, but here you go).”

I don’t wish to demean the work, but rather the limited form in which KPCB is sharing it. I love the idea of this application, and it’s kind of inspiring that you built this at all. So my constructive suggestion is, how about modifying the view templates in the app to show indicate what kind of activity a given transaction represents:

  • “founder requested intro,”
  • “in-person meeting with Mayor McCheese,”
  • “sent invite to RonConway pool party,”
  • etc.

I realize you want to keep the transaction counterparties confidential — fine. But KPCBN Edge could choose to surface what sorts of reputation-based transactions are happening within the network without revealing identities. Even in anonymized form, it would be interesting to sniff for patterns and marinate on possible ideas.

Best of luck,

John Manoogian III

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