What 2 Years of Android Development Have Taught Me the Hard Way
Aritra Roy

> Coding conventions

> Bonus: To start with, you must thoroughly go through https://source.android.com/source/code-style

I find this recommandation very misleading. You must respect this code style if you plan to contribute to android itself.

If on the other hand like the rest of us you just want to write an android application, then there is plenty of things there that do not make sense. Especially I would avoid jumping on the hungarian notation bandwagon

Non-public, non-static field names start with m. / Static field names start with s.

The only requirements are that

  1. your team have a consistent style that can be applied automatically by android studio / intellij
  2. your team avoid wasting time arguing on what the details of this style should be.

I would recommand instead


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