It’s Much Easier Than You Think to Live the Life You Want
Isaac Morehouse

Here’s the problem I see though. You have to be a professional at what you do and likely have a degree to be able to accomplish something like this article talks about. The life is super glamorous and very attractive, and exciting. But you have to put a lot of work in first.

I know a photographer that travels the country every single year taking photos and drinking a million cups of coffee with everyone she meets on Tinder or Instagram. She recently went to the Oscars as a photographer for Cadillac.

Who can do that? People that are exceptionally great at what they do. Who have had training to be amazing as well as smart. What about those of us who have been given the short end of the straw, got a shitty degree from a crappy school, and can’t seem to achieve our dreams?

This is the kind of life that many people dream of, and that the current generation expects. But what about those of us that got stuck in the system and are covered in student loan debt and credit cards that our parents swore we needed? How do we accomplish this?

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