How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?
Paul Jarvis

I get my butt outside and move

As a busy, multi-tasking, business building momma, I need to find time not only to create, but to document and then deliver. My best creations happen in my head when I am outside, moving my body, breathing fresh west coast air, savouring mountain and ocean vistas, processing events of the day and being with myself.

When I run, I find space in my mind and my spirit. I write articles, solve problems, create content, build bridges and come up with new partnership and business ideas while focusing on the simple effort of breathing in and out and putting one foot in front of the other.

The addition of music fuels the creative fire and depending on the day it may be classic rock, new country, ska or pop (yeah this suburban mom grooves to mixes varying from Thin Lizzy, ACDC, Stone Temple Pilots and Moby to Keith Urban, Michael Franti and maybe the odd Taylor Swift or One Direction song courtesy of my girls).

The trick for me is to get my sweaty self into the office chair as soon as I return to document the goodness before it evaporates back into the busy-ness of life. Evernote has become my friend for a quick, endorphin inspired brain dump, with the option to set a corresponding deadline for follow through.

So… I’ve run, I’ve grooved, I’ve created, I’ve documented, now how and when I will deliver this creativity to the world is another story and one that often requires wine, tea or the pressure of a strict deadline. I’m the type that can create something great that doesn’t see the light of day. Perfectionism is a trait that can hold me back. So thanks Paul Jarvis for asking the question and prompting me to jump in and hit post quickly before I over think this one!

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