“One of My Favorite Places in Hartland”…

The Hartland Board of Trustees share their very favorite spots in our community — ‘friendly by nature’ places to relax, work, learn and entertain. Do you have a favorite place in Hartland? Please share in the comments!

Bill Fountain, Supervisor: In 2000, my wife and I were looking for a small weekend getaway cottage to take our young children. We were looking up north but came across a cottage on beautiful Round Lake in 2001 and we both fell in love with it. It is a privilege to live on the water and enjoy the birds, frogs, swans and especially our pontoon boat. A huge bonus it is like living up north but it is only three miles from work!

Joseph Colaianne, Trustee: I count the development of both Settlers Park and Hartland Heritage Park as key accomplishments of the Board. When I pass by Heritage Park and see hundreds of young athletes playing on the fields, I know that we have not only created a gathering place but have also demonstrated our Township’s commitment to providing recreational opportunities that are the hallmark of great communities.

Matthew Germane, Trustee: Some of my favorite places in Hartland are the rural areas where there is still more open area than houses, especially the property where our farm is located. The rolling hills, dotted with ponds, streams, and wetlands, songbirds, and wildlife is an ideal place to raise a family and be kind to your neighbors.

Glenn with Fire Chief Adam Carroll (l) and Lt. Terry Conklin (r)

Glenn Harper, Trustee: My favorite place in Hartland Township is the Fire Hall because it represents the extraordinary and brave service of our firefighters. I believe it is very important that, before you move into a community, you know that it has good emergency services. Here in Hartland, we have great fire department with dedicated officers who work hard at helping people who live, work and drive through our community.

Kathleen Horning, Treasurer: Historic Cromaine Library has been a central part of my family’s experience living in Hartland. We visited the library all the time as my children grew — and my husband and I are still frequent patrons of the library. This institution not only nurtures a love of reading, but also makes learning fun with its countless activities for the children in our community.

Joseph Petrucci, Trustee: The Music Hall is one of the gems of our village. Just think of the history that has taken place there. In the mid 1800’s horse drawn carriages surrounded the building, bringing families together to a place of worship. In the early 1900’s, Model T’s lined the street with people going to a play or to a concert. Now the Music Hall offers so many opportunities for entertainment and community gathering for this generation to enjoy. The Music Hall is one of Some Of My Favorite Places In Hartland because so many people have visited there and left with a smile on their face. In the past 156 years I can only imagine of how many ideas were born in that building by groups of involved citizens.

Larry Ciofu, Clerk: Settlers Park has been a beautiful addition to the Township. It’s wonderful to see people enjoying the park’s natural beauty. I’m particularly fond of the butterfly garden for two reasons. First, the garden is dedicated to my friend and the former Clerk, the late Larry Hopkins. Secondly, it’s an example of the wonderful things that can happen in our community when people volunteer. The Rotary Club installed the garden and keeps it looking pristine. ~~~

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