Photo Contest: With nearly 80 wonderful photo submissions, it was very difficult to choose just 3 winners. We had a wide field of talent and the photographers’ personal interpretation of their subject matter was both engrossing and eclectic. In honor of the fine work that we received, we’ve expanded the awards to include 10 Honorable Mentions. ALL photo submissions will be featured on the Hartland Township Facebook page over the next month, and we think you will enjoy viewing Hartland, Friendly by Nature as interpreted by your friends and neighbors!

Congratulations to Our 3 Winners:

Rachel Appold, Brenna Gittus, and Kathryn Savela

(The images will on display at Township Hall, and each photographer will be awarded a $25 stipend. Scroll down to view photographs.)

Congratulations to Our 10 Honorable Mentions:

Don Allison, Christie Branton, Betheny Cass, Mark Horning, Regina Kruger, Nicole Mitchell, Pam Ries, Shirley Sloan, Joseph Sroka, and Don Tinsley. (Scroll down to view photographs.)

THANK YOU to all of our photographers. We appreciate your participation in the contest, and look forward to featuring your attributed work on the Hartland Facebook page and website.