WHERE Are We $pending Your Money: Capital Improvements - Roads & Parks


Bob West, Director of Public Works for Hartland Township, gives us a quick video update on two projects that residents will be happy to have in place…


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Highlights from the video:


The Safer Road Plan is nearing completion! Hacker Road is finished; Hartland Road and Bergin Road will be completed this summer. Bergin is just repaving the existing paved portion and a second turn lane will be added at Old 23.

[Good News: After three years, these are the last projects to be done and we will extra funds to put towards other road projects at the end of the 10-year millage.]


Heritage Park & Settlers Park: The Township Board is excited to make an investment of over $1 million dollars in Heritage and Settlers parks this year, beginning with pavilions and restrooms this fall, and playscapes in the spring of 2018.

STAY TUNED for PART THREE of “Where Are We $pending Your Money” next week, as we explore the Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority.

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Questions? Please contact Hartland’s Public Works Director Bob West at RWest@hartlandtwp.com or 810.632.7498.