WHERE Are We $pending Your Money? Water & Sewer


The majority of homes in Hartland Township use well water and septic tanks for their water and sewer needs. However, approximately 1,600 Hartland homes use Township sewer lines, and 600 homes use the Township’s municipal water system — and these two groups are affected when Hartland Township raises utility rates.

WHY Are Sewer Rate Increases Necessary?

Hartland Township’s sewer system is now owned and operated by the Livingston County Drain Commissioner (LCDC), and the wastewater is treated by Genesee County. LCDC rates have steadily increased since they took over the system; Genesee County also experienced a cost increase for treatment that required a raise to their charges.

Hartland Township’s rate package is made up of Genesee County rates and Livingston County’s fixed costs. Our rates go up based on the counties’ rates. We expect a 5% rate increase for our resident users, as Hartland is in catch-up mode with Livingston County’s rate implementation plan.

How much longer will these rate increases continue?

The rate study only evaluated and projected usage through 2022. If all of the assumptions hold true for that period of time, the Township is hopeful that the sewer will be out of its operational deficit by that time and can transition to maintaining its rates at, or near, inflationary adjustments.

Find detailed information on the Hartland Township sewer webpage.

WHY Are Water Rate Increases necessary?

Preventative maintenance and planning for future repairs and replacement becomes increasingly important as the water system ages. The Township undertakes rate studies in regular intervals to ensure that we have the funds to operate and maintain the municipal water system correctly. Adjustable rates more accurately reflect usage; currently, the trend is to conserve water so the Township did not build in usage increases.

Both the municipal well and treatment facility are reaching full capacity. Under an Asset Management Plan, the Township is working to sustain existing levels while adding a pressure reducing valve along with filter treatment improvements. These additions will allow the treatment facility to handle increased users on the current system.

How much longer will these rate increases continue?

The Township switched from a quarterly rate increase to an annual increase after residents indicated they could better budget when they knew the rates for the year. The Township is optimistic that the water system fund will be better stabilized by 2022, which would see rate increases slow dramatically.

Find more information on the Hartland Township water webpage.


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Looking for budget details? View the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Report.

Budget questions? Please contact Hartland’s Finance Director Susan Dryden-Hogan at sdryden@hartlandtwp.com or 810.632.7498.