Introducing Lyft Driver Services

New commitments to deliver flexibility and financial security

New Financial Services: Helping Drivers Get Ahead

The traditional biweekly paycheck falls short of serving today’s workers, and the rising costs of maintaining a bank account disadvantage them further. Americans pay an average of $163/year in banking fees. Minimum balances that are often greater than what many people can save, and most cashback programs require an above-average credit score. We’re fixing that for our drivers.

New Vehicle Services: Saving Drivers Time And Money

When you use your car for work, there’s little time for a long wait at the repair shop for a missing part — or room in the budget for unforeseen expenses. More than 60% of people express distrust in repair shops, which explains why drivers like Eileen in Minnesota tell us they perform their own maintenance.

Expanded Vehicle Access: Providing New Opportunities

Express Drive, the program we introduced in 2016 to connect qualified drivers with affordable car rentals, has provided more than 180,000 people the chance to earn money by driving. More than two-thirds of drivers who rent through Express Drive don’t have access to a vehicle that qualifies for rideshare driving.



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