I’m inspired. I’m ready for Hillary Clinton.
Brad Anderson

I’m not a supporter of Hillary Clinton because she, like most politicians, changes her views with the tides. Look at her stance on gay marriage just a few years ago. Many people are swayed to vote for her because, just like Barack Obama’s win was symbolic for black recognition (which I fully support) (and honestly, after Bush, who wouldn’t love his message of hope?), hers would be a symbolic win for women. Of course, women should one day be Presidents, BUT, is she THE woman for us right now? Is she the BEST candidate to right this country of its ills and bring it to the vanguard against climate change, income inequality, healthcare, infrastructure, education, civil rights, and our military overreach in the world? No. She is, of huge note, supported by some of the wealthiest families in this country — she is NOT the candidate of the masses, but instead just another mouthpiece for the interests of the few and not the many. She will not bring about the radical change we need in order to sustain ourselves in this rapidly changing world, and she does not have the moral focus and consistency that I need to see in the President of the United States.

I’ll say it — support Bernie Sanders instead. Stop talking about his hair and whimpering in the corner at the mention of him being a Socialist (GASP, that means Fascist, right?), and start focusing on the content of his messages and the consistency of his political career. He WILL return a true democracy to this country and he WILL ensure that we focus on the issues that will deliver the masses to a world that is sustainable, not just in terms of how we deal with the climate, but in how we treat each other as human beings.

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