I recently wrote an article about adding analytics to your app, which was secretly a gateway to teaching React hooks.

I was using create-react-app, react-router and Google Analytics for the project which inspired that article, but for this week’s project I decided to go with Next.js for the UI / routing, and Plausible.io for the analytics. Why I made different choices for this particular project is a different discussion, feel free to ask and I’ll happily elaborate; but this article is about explaining how I did it… with Typescript support!

A big chunk of the previous article was on how…

I’ve defined my mission as “get more brilliant minds into software engineering”, so I’ve been offering tutoring time over the weekends to my friends!

I find Frontend Engineering the most effective “in” into engineering, so that’s my teaching platform, which led to many asking… What is a Frontend Engineer anyway?

That’s a very good question! Some job roles describe the value they bring quite intuitively, most of the roles you find in your average London startup… not so much. Consider “Yoga Teacher” versus… Well, “Frontend Engineer”. Is it even “frontend” or “front-end”?

Let’s visualise an app like Instagram. You may…

Even if you’re building a fun side-project with no “monetisation strategy”, you should gather analytics on it. The easiest way to do that remains Google Analytics but if you’re building a single page app, such as a Create React App with React Router, you’ll find the suggested copy & paste solution has a gap!

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You’ll be tracking where the users land, but you won’t be tracking them navigating to different routes! If the blessing of client-side routing is blazing fast navigation, this is its curse: You aren’t really hitting a new page on the server, you are always served the…

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I’ve been defining my personal mission as get more brilliant minds into software engineering. Engineering is where I am, and I would love to work with even more brilliant minds!

I’ve been thinking about mentoring, about workshops, about books, and every time I draft anything, React appears as a key element. But why?

Time flies and, when it comes to paid work, I’ve been doing fullstack Javascript / Typescript 99% of the time for the past 5 years. A good chunk of that has been frontend, and 99% of that time has been React. …

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Paxos, Greece

There are few things in life I love more than Code Sandbox and none of them are also in tech 🧡 And my love only grew further this week, when I found out you can now use it as a GraphQL server, pretty much superseding the functionality of the deprecated Apollo Launchpad. The Apollo team themselves actually use Code Sandbox in their excellent docs!

All you need is to spin one up by hitting https://codesandbox.io/s/apollo-server, …

Today I started a blog with Gatsby!

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There are more than enough writers on the internets, covering any subject imaginable; but that doesn’t change the fact that I am a creative person and could use more outlets for my thoughts! Even if the tech world at large won’t benefit from my posts, I know I will from putting them together 🙌🏼

And, hey, if somebody does find my musings interesting or useful, that’s a fantastic bonus. Do get in touch to let me know you’re out there 😁

Still, why not just post to Medium? Again, it’s for my personal…

I ran into some issues installing MongoDB 3.2 on Ubuntu 15.10. For the most part I followed the official tutorial, but the tutorial itself notes that it is aimed at the LTS Ubuntu releases, which do not include 15.10.

I figured it might be helpful to note the issues I encountered, and how I solved them! I am sure that even if the specific method changes, the general troubleshooting approach would remain the same for any combination of MongoDB and Ubuntu versions.

Wrong permissions on /data/db folder

That folder created during installation belonged to the root user and the root group. This is a problem…

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