Why I ignore the daily news and read The Economist instead (and how you can too)
John Zeratsky

Agreed. They are king when it comes to solid reporting and taking in the big picture. Holistic analysis and context are sorely lacking in pieces written today. So much focus is on what’s going on this very moment. For some reason, certain streams of the media convince themselves that barrage reporting is much healthier for disseminating information than having a deft understanding of the context surrounding a major event or crisis.

News currently focuses on making the reader weary-eyed, forcing them to countenance too many stories — almost like a dulcet quota. Stopping this would be a welcome change, but hardly a reality at this point. Justifying your existence is the name of the game, and thankfully The Economist has 173 years of exceptional writing and reporting under its belt to justify theirs.

My only regret is no longer having it to read. It’s not extremely expensive, but I found that it’s a luxury for me at the moment. But when the time comes to subscribe to a trusted source for global news, The Economist will always be my first stop.