The walk-thru to Game-day

The Friday night football game is great but lets look into the details and preparation leading up to game day, especially on October 9th. That day you can tell there was a different vibe to that day. It was a little bit more motivation and hype for that game. It felt different from the others. That game was just more than a game from the coaches to the players who lost the previous year. The year before we lost a heartbreaking one to Camden. leading into the 4th quarter 14–13 and not making the plays at the end to win. We know this year had to be different. The coaches , the returning starters were waiting 365 days to have that rematch, to make it better the game was being broadcast-ed on TV. So it was it was really go hard or go home because the whole region would be watching. Were going to take an even deeper look into the mindset of Camden Catholic receiver and defensive back Kyrel Gregory on game day.

JP: Kyrel, describe the emotions you receive on game day , especially when we played Camden High?

KG: I get a different type of feeling on game day it’s fun and exciting.

JP: What would you say your pregame rituals are?

KG: it would be a peanut butter & jelly , smoothie , some apples and music.

JP: Does game day motivate you does it push you through your day?]

KG: It does , I get to wear my jersey and look for something to look forward to

JP: What tops game day off for you?

KG: When we top it off with a victory baby.

Kyrel Gregory

There goes to show how Mr.Gregory feels about and on game day. It gives you an inside look on a player. Next we are going to check out the mindset of a coach, Mr. John Dulzac in football terms coach Dulzac.

JD: Football is the greatest sport its for men not boys

JP: What do Fridays mean to you?

JD:Fridays during the football season are special they’re different from any other during the whole year.

JP: How did that October Friday night feel to you

JD: That one was special , i felt as I was playing in that game , two old rivals at the top of their game it gets no better.

JP: What did you feel after the big win.

JD: there was no feelings on how to describe the game , you just had to be there in the moment but we shown the alumni and south Jersey that Camden Catholic is back on the map!

Coach Dulzac center in green next to Jake Makara number 62

Coach Dulzac is one of a kind. He personally was my favorite coach and he already has the motor rolling. Based just off his answers you can get a intel on the personality of Coach Dulzac. We are now going to take a look at someone who doesn’t play the sport of football. We are going to check out one of the cheerleaders, Kiara Torres.

JP: Are you excited when it comes to game day?

KT: Yes football makes things go quick.

JP:Are you excited to cheer on game day?

KT: Football yes basketball not so much.

JP: What is routine after school for game day?

Kiara Torres

KT: Well me and 5 of the other cheerleaders go to my house and we all take a nap first. And then we all get ready together , and on the way to the game Zarr fights for the front seat and we just make all snaps.

JP: What was your favorite game this year?

KT: Thanksgiving.

JP: Do you guys practice all the cheers on game day before you perform them?

KT: No we practice the day before and on game day all we do is warm up with stunts.

JP: Any specific meals for game day?

KT: No Jamal , were not athletes with meals.

That wraps up with our cheer-leading segment with Kiara Torres. I was hoping she would say more because she’s quite the talker ,her interview was a Greg Popovich. We have one last interview to do. He’s not a player not student nor coach , however an alumni of the school. The trainer of Camden Catholic Thomas Ruiz.

JP: Mr.Ruiz do you like being the trainer of Camden Catholic?

TR: yes i did Jamal it’s a fun time and i enjoy every moment of it.

JP: Is preparing for game day different from a regular day at work?

TR: It’s different but at the same time it’s not. On game day I still check on the other sports and give treatment to those who are need , the add on is on game day i do that and tape the players needing to be taped and making sure the injury kit and water is ready for prime time.

JP: Did you look forward to the Camden High game?

TR: Hell yea , that game showed if you guys were overrated or not.

JP: Are you very busy during game day or during the game.

TR: Not really that busy most of the things I do is routine but when it’s a humid game and kids are catching cramps I get pretty busy.

JP: Was there anything different the night of the Camden High game then any other.

TR:To be honest it was i came to school at the regular time and the back parking-lot started to feel with people , they were already tailgating. Comcast network were already here setting up on the field. The courier post and were coming to the game and alumni friends I grew up with told me they were going to be attending the game.

JP: Thank you for your time Tomas have a good day.

TR: No problem Jamal.

big play by number 9 Jamal Parker

Tomas Ruiz is a pretty chatty person compared to Greg Popovich above cough cough Kiara. There it goes for you guys, football Fridays nights , the special Camden High night ,people motives on that night and their routines on game day. We were able to get a deeper look into the mindset of a player , cheerleader , a coach and even the trainer. What could be a better four? You just received the 4 headed monster. There it goes for you folks game day is more than just a game and the atmosphere of the Camden High game was different from the usual.GO IRISH