The Style Tutors Present: 3 Keys to Building Your Brand

My dear brother, Mr. James Hackley and the fine folks over at Bespoke Not Broke​(if you’re in the DMV area, please check his store out family. You will not be disappointed!) asked what 3 things The Style Tutors would recommend to anyone trying to establish their brand in business(no matter what the industry). So with that said, I wanted to take this time and opportunity to not only respond to their question, but I wanted to share our views with all of you! So here are the 3 things that T.S.T. believes are essential in the establishment of your own personal brand:

1. “You are Your Brand” — Your “brand” is essentially an extension of you, your personality. If you’ve ever been on a job interview, you’re basically selling your “brand”, you’re selling “you” to the decision maker of whatever business you’re seeking employment with. Establishing your brand is basically carving out your position in the marketplace. Its creating a place and space uniquely designed by your gifts, talent and expertise. The key though, is to always “Be You”. That tends to be biggest issue for some. You can’t “Be You” if you’re lying to anyone and most importantly, lying to yourself. You must be consistent. Be persistent. Be humble. Be better. I’m Jimmie, he’s Bobby and we are The Style Tutors. That’s who we are, every day. I think Kenny Burns explains it the best when he says, “Be yourself long enough…they’ll pay you to be you.” We are truly fortunate that this is indeed the case for us now because of the work that we have put in over time, not only in our brand, but also in BEING who we are naturally.

2. “Be Inspired but Do You” — There is nothing wrong with being inspired. It’s a beautiful thing. Our work, our approach, even our game-face/attitude have all been birthed through different individuals who we view as inspirations. It is imperative that we all consistently be students of life. With that being said, we have personally taken inspiration from many different people. These folks are from the worlds of business, music, film, entertainment, sports and academia. The key component to that is that we’ve not only just been fans, we’ve become students of their success. We’ve studied their journeys. What we have basically done is poured our collective inspirations into a big ‘ole pot and let it simmer. For a period of time, we partook of that slow-cooked gumbo of inspiration and it led us here. We now have grown into who we are as our own distinctive brand. Amazingly, our name and what we do is in fact inspiring MANY, MANY people now, which is flattering and humbling. But what remains at the beginning, middle and end of the day is that we know that our success is only contingent upon OUR vision, sacrifice and work which continues to be completely ours in the most fundamental sense. Simply put, we’d rather fail miserably at being Jim & Bob than being wildly successful imitating someone else.

3. “Don’t Let Haters/Critics Keep You Off Track” — The one thing that we have encountered consistently since we set forth as business owners is the continual expression of other folks’ opinions. The interesting thing in our community is that a large number of people (many of whom don’t have businesses themselves) always feel that they can chime in and tell small business owners what they should do, how they can make more money and if they would just do this, then they could be this and that, and so on and so on. The biggest problem with that is that the individuals doing the most hating and criticizing are the ones who add zero value to your bottom line. Critics can judge the Sun for all its faults and failures in their own opinionated minds, because that’s just what critics do. It is a must to understand what criticism is meant for the edification of your brand and what it is being communicated for the destruction of your brand. Don’t let destructive criticism skew your vision and hamper your work. Ultimately, the key of life in your personal brand is being consistently true to yourself and faithful to your vision. Don’t ever let someone’s opinion stop you from being successful. Understand that the success of your brand is not solely dependent on the monetary viability of your vision, it is measured in your brand’s ability to pull people in and keep them interested. The most valuable commodity in the world is time. If people spend their “hard-earned” time on and with you, it’s safe to say that you have truly something special. That alone will eventually lead to the monetary rewards that comes with being and having a successful brand.

If you are a small business owner and in need of assistance in the development, management and curation of your Social Brand, please email us directly at Thanks again for all the love and support. We appreciate each and every one of you! We are Jim & Bob and we areThe Style Tutors — your “Go-To” Social Brand Specialists and Fashion Stylists.

“We just don’t keep you looking FLY, we know what it takes to make you SOAR…” ~ The Style Tutors

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