Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. The iPhone 6 : Can Samsung make the best phones ever?

After Samsung’s revamp of TouchWiz this year, which has gotten a whole lot better compared to the early days, I think I’d rather let them go on their own for two reasons:

  1. It’s healthier for Android to have different UIs that cater for different markets as well as different UXs. A lot of people I know that aren’t in the tech industry have no problems with the UI. Some even find it easier to use than iOS. Personally, I find the stock Android UI boring. And if I wanted to try it out I can always install the Google Now Launcher app or flash it with CyanogenMod.
  2. Some people may not have noticed this but Samsung has been doing a lot of experimentation lately — single or double-sided curved screens, S-Pens, etc… I’d say let them be creative with TouchWiz and figure out what works and what doesn’t. They seem to be listening as you can see from the gradual improvements from the UI as of late. If we’re all just going to tell these OEMs to use stock Android, then how is that going to improve (and perhaps introduce innovations to) the ecosystem as a whole?

As far as timely updates, I think that is Google’s problem in general. They need to innovate and drive that part of the deployment process and make it easier for OEMs such that the upgrade process is a non-event for them.