How I Run — a.k.a. “Dad Strength”
Peter Bromka

Great stuff! I have way too many questions, so I’ll spare you most of those. But…

The pace stuff is interesting to me. Have you ever found a good, reliable way to judge your “proper” recovery and lactate threshold paces? I have a tendency to hammer the easy runs and (probably) lag on the real efforts. I also run exclusively by myself—which makes judging my pace against others impossible.

For a while I was spending a lot of time staring at a Garmin and trying to figure out which heart rate zone I was supposed to be in, but I’m tending the other way now, trying to just develop a feel for it that I used to have. (Or that I think I used to have.)

Part of me wants to believe that if I run my easy runs a little too fast or my pace wobbles up into tempo territory just because the weather’s nice—gimme a break, it’s spring in Maine!—then it really doesn’t make much difference. But the 35 year-old legs aren’t quite as forgiving of my attitude as the 25 year-old ones were.

How much do you sweat the details on training paces (and adjusting them as your fitness changes) versus just being in the right ballpark and listening to your body?

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