Hacking Platform Business Models
Johannes Koponen

Epic. It feels more like notes towards a synthetic theory than a real essay. But it is hugely valuable given the vast distractions and aggressively-pursued red herrings offered by basically all the research and thought/comment communities.

Lots of this is covered in existing theory or at least analysis. Discreteness and frequency of feedback intervals is at the base of a lot of foundational complex systems / chaos theory, for example. Your comments are contextually fresh but not inherently new, there.

Generally, you are right to call for new science, but wrong to limit it social theory. What you are pointing to in this and the other essay are calls for more robust information theory — ie super-theory of theories above even system theory. We want to develop this more for and with the capacities of the information age, and deploy it fast in econ, biz, governance, social, psych and relational domains.

Let’s talk more about that.