Finding Full Logs for Local Xamarin Tests

When Xamarin tests fail locally, especially during setup, before the functional testing of the app occurs, it can be hard to figure out what’s going wrong, based on the output given in Xamarin Studio’s Test Results window.

Not always the most informative..

When this happen it can help to see the full test log Xamarin creates and places in your temp folder.

Mac users can find their folder by opening up the terminal and navigating to TMPDIR [open up the terminal, type $TMPDIR, and press enter]. I use UITest, so the full extension of where to find my temp files is


I find being able to dive into these to diagnose local issues so useful, that I made a bash command for it.

function xamlog(){
open $TMPDIR/uitest

By placing this code in my bash profile, all I have to do is type xamlog into the terminal and the xamarin logs appear!