The Fascist Bogeyman
Malcolm Harris

I think your article is compelling and a good depiction of fascism and its dangers. However, I believe it implies too much that Trump is the potential bogeyman, while Clinton is actually much more of a Draconian oligarchist. No doubt, Trump is a populist using xenophobic rhetoric. He is a bandleader jumping in front of an already marching group. It doesn’t matter what song they are playing. And while this is potentially dangerous, it is not necessarily a sign of fascism. What are signs of fascism? Clinton’s war against the fourth amendment. Clinton’s followers who demand speech restrictions. Clinton’s bank deals. Clinton’s open corruption. Clinton’s gun policy. But I would not go so far as to say that she is a fascist, or that we should fear her turning into one. I honestly do not believe we are going down that route. We are, and have been for many years, an oligarchy. There are certain similarities between oligarchies and fascism, as there are several similarities in how a population is controlled, but they actually operate quite differently with different pretenses and different agendas.

Neither Trump or Clinton will gain enough power to become a dictator, which is a necessary component of fascism. The best way to remove oligarchy and restore democracy is to create a fair and open marketplace for competition to thrive. This means removing draconian laws and regulations, and breaking down companies that are “too big to fail.” I do not believe that Clinton is the best candidate to do this. I believe while Trump has his faults, he is much more likely to create a domestic economic policy that caters to a competitive and fair marketplace. At the very least, I do not believe Trump will empower the oligarchs, because he is one. Oligarchs are in competition with each other, putting one is power is bad for oligarchy as a whole. Clinton’s policies work in symbiosis with oligarchy, that’s how the Clinton’s rose to power; they exploited the rising oligarchy.

So, this is the choice: It’s not between fascism and the establishment. Our establishment is oligarchy, so the choice is between oligarchy or populism. One certain evil, one potential evil, which is lesser? Only history will tell.

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