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The Princeton University Website.

And we have reach out last exercise! It’s a usability case study, where we had to analyze a university website and propose possible solutions for the pain points we had found, based on a user interview.

The university selected by my user is Princeton University. It is located at Princeton, New Jersey, in the east coast of the United States. It was founded at 1746 and is one of the most prestigious universities of the world.

This is the feedback I got from my user interview:

First impression of the website:
I can see it’s not well structured. For me it looks more like a blog than a website. You have to scroll all the way down to finally get some information about how to study there”. …

Wireframing Challenge

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And finally we got to the time to working on wireframes. This particular kind of sketch (that sometimes is not valued enough) is definitely one of the most important part of the process, not only in user experience design but also in any kind of design process.

During this exercise of the Pre-work we got to create the wireframes of seven final screens, from the mobile app Emov.

The experience had been very interesting because we had to take a step back ourselves and try to realize what we consider really important to be part of the wireframe.

So I started trying to identify the relevant elements, the ones that was playing an important role in to the user experience, and play down those design elements that wasn’t have any importance right now. …

Sketch Visual Design Exercise

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Here are the clones and the originals!

It’s time to keep working on our Sketch abilities, so Ironhack challenge us to replicate two “UI screens”, a login and an itinerary screen. We had to made it by our own, trying to find out how to accomplish the design using the tools and techniques we’ve already had been practicing. The goal was to go as perfect we could.

And then I started with a big question: where do I begin?

At the first time is weird because we had to figure it out which could be the process under that design, how they did it, how can i do it by myself… but it’s just about to start. So I did the first step making the background, then the logo, and little by little my artboard start to looking looking like a screen. …

Sketch Exercise Kata

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As a graphic designer I had hear a lot about this new guy in town “Sketch” that is revolutionizing digital product design, and finally I got the chance to meet it closely, I just got my first Sketch exercise!

My first contact with the Sketch interface was familiar to me, because I could saw it had a lot of similar tools and commands as other vector software I’m used to work, as Illustrator. So that was big an advantage to me and make me feel “at home”.

I such a little time I was playing around with all the tools, the inspector, the panels, I just tried to explore by myself a little bit of everything. …

Exercise: Visual Note-Taking

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I just heart about “skechtnotes” for the first time by reading the Ironhack pre-work’s content and it has being a great discovery for me! For the first time taking notes was as funny as ever.

At the beginning I just though “it’s impossible to see a video and write, draw, hear and pay attention at the same time” but at the end just said: “let’s try!”. Then started to write, to draw, and little by little I just go it! It was a simple and rustic draft, but at least I got it. My first try was worth it.

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My first try was rustic and a little bit messy but the it was worth it.

That beginning made me feel more enthusiastic, so I went to the Stationery and got some new stuffs: a brand new Moleskine, pens, Sharpies… I was ready for the second try. …

Design Thinking Exercise

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Experimenting with paper prototypes.

Experimenting a new knowledge for the first time is always a good feeling. And I’m having a great time being part of this brand new project for Whole Bank, a young institution with main operating offices in Massachussets, at the United States. They are always looking to improve their products and customers experience, that’s why we’re currently working in their next project: payments with their mobile application. Now customers can forget about the credit cards, debit cards and the cash money, they will do their payments just using their smartphones, specially when traveling.

The main problems I found when I did a research and interviewed the customers was…


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