Florida Panthers vs. Montreal Canadiens

Last night Florida Panthers went up against Montreal Canadiens winning 2–0. This was the cats 5th win in a row. The action started during the second period as Connor Brickley got the Panthers on the board.

“Brickley has been real solid,” Panthers coach Bob Boughner said. “I thought Trocheck’s line was a little stagnant in the first period, and we made that change and Brickley put some energy in that line.”

During the third period, Vincent Trocheck scored the final goal of the night. Big thanks goes to Goaltender James Reimer who made 38 saves. This was his second shutout in three games. He made a statement about his hard work during the game on NHL.com.

“You just have to stay in the moment and try to make saves,” Reimer said. “You don’t put too much expectation on yourself; you just come to the rink and try to give the boys a chance. When you’re feeling [confident], the puck is big and you’re reading plays. It’s just doing the little things that can attribute to [success].

Fans on Facebook are proud of the cats! Some of them are still unsure if the team made a complete turnaround:

“They are playing well. Winning tight games and showing the moxie to comeback when down is good. If they keep it up and continue to play well the rest of the season, I’ll call it a complete turnaround” said Carl Kansas.

“Awesome!!! Win!!! The team looked great!!! Keep up the winning streak!! Let’s Go Panthers!!!!” said Danny Davern.

“Impressive performance. Much better focus on fundamentals, especially defensively. Nice to see it clicking” said Mark Weber.

“I think we haven’t been challenged by a hot goaltender in a while, but barring running into one of those again we should have a really good shot vs almost any team the way we are playing. Responsible defensively and good offensive pressure, we just still struggle to get high quality chances” said John Howard.

Winning five straight games is good for Florida Panthers, but where does the team go from here is up in the air. Fans keep their fingers crossed that this pattern of winning continues. Only time will tell when they play their next game against Minnesota Wild Tuesday night. Below are highlights of last nights game.

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