Visual Studio for Mac Adds Xamarin.Forms Design Preview

It is pretty exciting to follow the latest works that Microsoft have been doing with Visual Studio for Mac. For those C# Developers that are known to love and never wanting to leave their precious Visual Studio for anything else Microsoft have a great answer if you are using the Mac. It’s pretty normal to see this days where C# developers use a Mac for their personal enjoyment. Pretty much if you are like me, you have been wishing to have Visual Studio on your Mac. Visual Studio is one of the greatest IDE I have ever use, and of course that’s just my opinion you my defer but in this case I was super excited to see the changes that Microsoft have been doing to this beautiful software.

In the latest changes I have seen is the Xamarin.Forms Design Preview. This is awesome. Why, you might ask? Easy, because this is a tool that many of the iOS developers and Android Developers rely on while they design their app. XCode have the Storyboard and Android Studio have their preview screen. Now we the .Net Developers that are trying the world of Mobile have Design Preview in Xamarin.Forms and I must say I love it!

Visual Studio For Mac (Preview)

If you are a C# Developer, that are trying the world of mobile. I really exhort you to try Xamarin. It’s awesome! It has a small learning curve if you already program in C# and Microsoft it’s really putting a lot of effort to it. Thank you Microsoft, Xamarin and everyone who is working really hard to make this happen.