In Post 1, we reviewed Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and message brokers. In Post 2, we explored four major messaging infrastructure in Azure: Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Queue Storage. In this post, we have analyzed 5 factors that can impact your decision making while choosing a cloud messaging broker.

Post 3: Decision Tree and Practical Examples

These factors are:

  1. Event Volume

If you are implementing a solution with a low event volume you do not need an event streaming pipeline. You probably do not need topics and subscriptions either. A simple queue is probably sufficient.

If you are dealing with a high-volume scenario, depending on what type of messages or reliability requirements you have, there are different options. If your scenario involves a high volume of events such as telemetry or social media platforms, Event Hub is very suitable. Its ability to support HTTP and AMQP makes it a great candidate for many scenarios. …

In Post 1, we looked at Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and its benefits. We were introduced to message brokers in general. In this post, we will focus on four main message brokers in Azure: Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Queue Storage.

Post 2: Four Popular Azure Messaging Solutions

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Four main messaging brokers in Azure

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus, an Azure PaaS offering, is a fully managed enterprise integration message broker. It is used to decouple applications of any size hosted natively on Azure, on-premise, or from any other cloud vendor such as AWS or GCP. Messages are sent and kept into queues or topics until requested by consumers in a “poll” mode (i.e. …

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This article will assist you in choosing a cloud messaging service for your next event-driven project in Azure. We will explore Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Event Grid, and Queue Storage — examining when to use which service and why. We will build a reference decision tree that can facilitate choosing a cloud messaging service.

The article is broken down into three posts:

Post 1: Event-Driven Architecture: Review Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and Message Brokers concepts and benefits in a distributed environment.

Post 2: Azure Messaging Solutions: Review of each service’s architecture concepts and where it fits in the Azure cloud. …


Joseph Masengesho

Cloud Solution Architect/Slalom

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