The First Steps into the Craft.

Witchcraft tends to be something a lot of us fall into though some choose it deliberately. I think it’s as much a result of being a natural mystic as anything.

Today I’m going to talk about a type of witch that everyone knows and has been at least once in their practice; the baby witch. We all start somewhere.

So often we see the posts that it’s become a phenomenon in the community. How do I witch, please?

I want to answer this question.

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You do what you want.

It’s that hard and it’s that simple.

Witchcraft is simultaneously about control and free will; specifically controlling our energy and using our will to shape the world and ourselves. The first thing new witches get hung up on is what they believe. Let me be very clear, you don’t have to believe anything specific. There are, in fact, atheist witches who don’t believe in creator or creation. …

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I began writing in 20….

No, that isn’t right. I began writing and telling stories as a child. It’s been a way of life for so long that I didn’t even notice it until I became a young adult. I published my first story in 2015 after I left a marriage that was well on the way to killing me.

I moved home to my small town in Missouri and decided to survive the pain. (That is a decision we make in times of sorrow, not an accident.) The first book was my dream. …

The Rise of Witchcraft in the Time of Covid

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For some in the practice, it’s always been a group activity. A tight-knit community of magic makers and spell weavers. My practice has been solitary and quiet from the beginning. Heck, early on, I was even lying to myself.

We’ve learned to live in the broom closet, but there’s been an influx into witchcraft in the past few years. New blood. Baby witches.

I don’t really like the term Baby Witch because it makes inexperience seem like immaturity which isn’t exactly the case, however, these young witches are very different from their elders.

The zoomer generation is bold with their practice. Now, we may laugh at the concept of cursing the moon which most of us hold pretty sacred, and we may bemoan the constant influx of posts in witchcraft groups beginning, “ Baby witch here, and ….” …


Jolie Mason

I’m a freelance writer and novelist writing on many topics, including autism, caregiving, witchcraft, & novels. You can see my work at

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