The First Steps into the Craft.

Witchcraft tends to be something a lot of us fall into though some choose it deliberately. I think it’s as much a result of being a natural mystic as anything.

Today I’m going to talk about a type of witch that everyone knows and has been at least once in their practice; the baby witch. We all start somewhere.

So often we see the posts that it’s become a phenomenon in the community. How do I witch, please?

I want to answer this question.

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It’s that hard and it’s that simple.

Witchcraft is simultaneously about control and free will; specifically…

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I began writing in 20….

No, that isn’t right. I began writing and telling stories as a child. It’s been a way of life for so long that I didn’t even notice it until I became a young adult. I published my first story in 2015 after I left a marriage that was well on the way to killing me.

I moved home to my small town in Missouri and decided to survive the pain. (That is a decision we make in times of sorrow, not an accident.) The first book was my dream. I didn’t care about anything other…

The Rise of Witchcraft in the Time of Covid

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For some in the practice, it’s always been a group activity. A tight-knit community of magic makers and spell weavers. My practice has been solitary and quiet from the beginning. Heck, early on, I was even lying to myself.

We’ve learned to live in the broom closet, but there’s been an influx into witchcraft in the past few years. New blood. Baby witches.

I don’t really like the term Baby Witch because it makes inexperience seem like immaturity which isn’t exactly the case, however, these young witches are very different from their elders.

The zoomer generation is bold with their…

A book isn’t just written. It must be edited and marketed. It must be polished and shopped around to publishers. It must be driven by social media and buzz, and it must be good. Through it all there’s the myth of the bestselling author. The ones who defied the odds and got that movie deal. That’s who everyone wants to be.

Reality V. Fantasy

In reality, authors have always struggled to get eyes on the page. Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are exceptions, not the rule. They both managed to sell stories to more lucrative media. While it’s true that without the books…

The word necromancy isn’t one I use to describe what I am very often. For one thing, every spirit I encounter hasn’t lived human existence while others have and are beyond the veil. Some are … well, something else, and that makes it hard for others to believe.

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I am a Hedgewitch.

I’ve heard it called fad witchcraft by witches and crazy by non-witches. It’s unlikely, I’ll grant you that. The phrase hedgewitch goes back to the days when healers and wise women lived outside the villages of old. They lived alone then and continue to this day to practice…

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It always seems to be the first dilemma of new witches; what do I believe?

I didn’t choose a Wiccan path, but my daughter has. For those who don’t know yet, Wiccans follow the rede- An it harm none, do what you will. They can also adopt the rule of three, or the threefold law, which warns that any harm done will be visited back threefold. Although the rule of three isn’t always adopted by every Wiccan, it’s a very common belief to hold among witches.

Black, white or gray

The concepts of good and bad are clear in some minds and more subjective…

Witches are as a whole pretty Earth-friendly, however, there is more to the death of the planet than just recycling cans and plastics. Real activism is called for, and witches as a group are some of the most motivated to take on real activism for change.

Daily Changes

The little things we do each day that are part of our practice are a good format for how we change our environmentalism into part of our spiritual practice. Growing our own food is a way to start, as well as being seed savers. …

I don’t know who said that long ago, but it’s probably the truest thing I’ve ever heard. Living life as a witch actually has more pros than cons if I am honest. There’s so much joy in being your authentic self, in being who you were meant to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe witches are “born that way” or “special”. Anyone can become a witch. It’s a belief? A practice? It can be a religion if you want. It has no boundaries, and there’s something to be said for that level of personal and spiritual liberation.


My belief in magic is always at war with my logical brain. I think it’s true for a lot of witches. I have a few core beliefs about what magick is and isn’t.

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  1. It is not a superpower. Anyone can access and use it, and not everything that happens is a result of you and your craft. Some things were going to be so anyway, or it just needed help and someone to believe. Much like the Christian belief in prayer.
  2. I believe the energy of the universe to lean toward the just in most cases. I could easily be…

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Americans are depressed

It appears our own politics are depressing us all, and no one in America is really surprised. A study conducted by Kevin Smith, and Matthew and John R. Hibbing, found results that hardly anyone would be surprised by. They found that the more engaged the person, the more they cared about politics, the more negative effects polarization had on their health and relationships. Not surprising. Is that all there is to be said though?

It’s easy to say change it, but we all know we can do little by ourselves to change our political climate. We can, however, manage our…

Jolie Mason

I’m a freelance writer and novelist writing on many topics, including autism, caregiving, witchcraft, & novels. You can see my work at

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