Best Man Speech Template

Hey everyone! Mr. and Mrs. (groom’s parents), you guys look amazing. And Mrs. (bride’s mother), I know I don’t know you very well, but I’d just like to say I know where (bride) gets her looks! We’re here tonight to celebrate the, union, of this lovely couple, (bride) and (groom). And I couldn’t ask for a better couple, or a better girl for my best friend.

I first met (groom) when we were (age). I was a little shy at first, because anyone who knows him knows that when you get right up close to him, man. He’s just got this energy, this, force, to him, the kind of energy that makes you want to stick right by him in the hopes that some will rub off. I remember seeing him and thinking, “Wow. That guy’s got it, whatever it is. And I want some of it,” you know what I mean?

(groom), we’ve had a lot of laughs. A lot of long nights talking, long nights drinking, and long mornings nursing headaches (smile). I know we weren’t always close, but these last few years have been some of the best of my life, getting to know you the way I have. I never had a brother, but I imagine this is the kind of closeness I’d feel in someone if I did. I used to wonder what you’d be like in a relationship, who the right girl would be for you. Because for everyone who knows (groom), you know that he’s got that something about him. He’s unique, and passionate, and he cares about his friends, and a lot of people can’t handle that, can’t reciprocate that. So for a long time I wondered what the right girl for you would look like.

And then you met (bride). (bride), I can’t tell you what you’ve meant to (groom), though I’m sure you already know. Before you, he always talked about finding the right girl, and he always just seemed lonely. I mean, he has a lot of really great friends who would do anything for him, don’t get me wrong. But something was always, missing, for him, you know? And ever since you two met (number) years ago, that something, that look in his eye he used to get when he’d talk wistfully about ‘meeting someone,’ has completely disappeared. In all of our (number) years being friends — best friends — I have never seen him this happy for this long. And that bodes well for a happy future.

I wish you guys the best, and I count myself lucky for having been along for the ride. You’re starting a new chapter together, and I for one can’t wait to see what you write. To (bride) and (groom)! (raise glass, flash winning smile, bridesmaids swoon, exeunt)