How to dramatically raise your price


I just sing up for medium an my first idea was to write about any topic in Spanish.

Afterwards, I realized that this platform was in English and I became disappointed. But I will accept the challenge for at least this post.

You are a product in the marketplace

In practice this idea could be useful for love and for money.

Are people treating you as a low quality product? Nobody buys from you or just pay a little price?

I’ve been there and I still there already, like a lot of people. But with this framework that I’ve been adopting; this situation doesn’t bother me that much. Are you ready to here it?

It’s possible that nobody want to pay you much money for your services and that sucks. Let’s talk about your the solution.

How to raise the price of your product.

To do that you have to develop this two things:

  1. Increase the value of the product and communicate it.
  2. Increase the demand of the product.

Don’t expend to much time trying to convince your current customer to pay you, expend the time investing in this two things.

If you increase the value of a product the client will be happy to pay you more. And the second is more tricky, if you increase the demand of the product you are allowed to charge more, because your supply is limited.

The disappointing part of this article is that I have no idea about how you could do that, the discipline is called personal branding and you have to learn that discipline.

Use your intelligence and creativity to find ways to do it, invest your time in this two things.

Last tip

Don’t be needy, maybe you can have right now this salary or this client.

Just be patient and you will achieve it in the future.

PD: My writing English skills are very low, if I write more I expect to improve it.

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