Be True to Yourself

Seriously speaking, everybody is guilty of this one. Being true to yourself means that you act in accordance with who you are and what you believe in. If you already know yourself and love whoever you are, you will always find it effortless to love you.

To be true to yourself, you must have the courage to accept yourself the way you are. This is usually hard for a lot of people. People usually tend to pick the easier route: Pretending to be someone else.

The young people like me are the major culprits here. These people always want to be liked. They will go to great heights in order to get people to like them. They will lie, smoke weed for the first time, smoke shisha while hiding even though it has been banned, and even go to nightclubs even though it is not in their nature to go there. All these they do in order to please their peers and get loved by them. Well, does that even make any sense?

You cannot be kissing other people’s asses and still respect yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, don’t you ever lie to yourself that others will respect you.

Being true to yourself usually takes courage. It requires you to trust you, be open-minded, sincere, brutally honest, and introspective. This allows you to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Oh, you wanna tell me right now that you have always been true to yourself? Okay let’s go, how many times did you do one of the following things?

  • Laughing at something even though you think it totally lame. — I don’t have any idea why people do it. Damn, I do it too. I have no freaking idea why I do this shit but I think I can guess. I do it just to appear polite.
  • You complimented someone when you didn’t actually mean it — Dumbass, he or she noticed how the side of your mouth twisted when you told him or her that they looked good in that hoodie you had been hoping that they couldn’t afford. Who are you fooling now though?
  • Lying in order to please those guys even though you hate them — I remember when I was trying to fit in with the cool kids. Thank God I don’t try anymore. Every conversation we had was always full of bullshit. My cool kid “friends” would be like “Duuuudee! Did you watch that movie that came out last week? It is featuring Vin Diesel and Arnold Schwarzenegger”. The good thing is that I never lacked an answer to such a question. I would be like “Yes! Especially that scene when they fired the gun and that scene where they were driving and that scene where they were walking.” Come on dumbass, in which movie people don’t fire guns, drive cars and walk? I lied to these cool kids to please them, at least I was good enough to have the ability to lie to them and never get caught.
  • Hiding your opinion so that you can fit in — Goddamn fitting in. This usually starts in high school and never tends to end. I don’t why people want to fit in so much. Why the hell do you want to be liked by everyone? It is not in the 200BC when if you got hated by your clan and got thrown out of the village you would get eaten that very night by a lion. Today you can actually live alone. If you think differently, then so be it. If you think wearing a single shoe is awesome, then great wear that shoe and go wherever you want. You don’t have to do what they are doing. Do whatever you want. Give out your opinion.
  • Looking for approval from others — Yeah, you just bought an awesome new dress, the only problem is that you don’t know whether your friend Jane will like it. You had been planning to wear the dress, but because of Jane, you won’t be wearing it. Why the hell would someone spend the whole day applying makeup to their face. A face they won’t be seeing the whole day? Or is there a new version of people who have the ability to see their faces? If asked, I would apply more makeup to my hand, somewhere I can see and approve of myself. When you apply all that makeup don’t you ever realize that you are trying to get approval from people who don’t even care whether you exist?
  • Not trusting your decisions — I want to go and do this… but… Lose that “but”. What the hell is it doing there dude? You are always changing your decisions. You don’t even trust your instincts because you don’t value you enough. Well, I will tell you what, your instincts are right. Listen to that little voice inside your head. Follow your heart and that little voice.
  • You hide your emotions — Yes, we get it. You don’t wanna be seen as if you are a crybaby. We get it, you want to be the bravest dude in your crew. Drop the act though. Show your feelings. It is not in the 1950s anymore. Men even wear earrings and dresses nowadays. So, why the hell would you hide how you are actually feeling?
  • You are unhappy but you tolerate the shit that is making you unhappy — Life is too short for that kind of shit. If anything is making me unhappy, I sure as hell am going home and when I reach there, I am gonna take a nap and just let whatever is gonna happen, happen.
  • You are constantly judging others — If you haven’t known it yet, whatever you hate in someone else, is the reflection of the things that you have in you. If you hate short people it is probably because you are short. If you hate fat people, it is probably because you are fat yourself. Remember that bully in high school, yes, that dude who ate all your cookies, salads, and eggs. It is not that the dude was badass. No, he was just a wuss with confidence issues. We feel awesome when we do something that tends to make us forget about the flaws that we have in ourselves. When you hate on a short dude, you momentarily forget that you are short and this gives your ego a boost. The same case applies when you judge others.

So, How Do You Become True to Yourself

  1. Listen to them but Follow Your Own Heart

I hate it when everybody seems to know what I want more than I even know myself. People will even give you advice they have never even tried. They will be like:

“Oh, you want to be rich, just do this or that” — why the hell are you telling me how to be rich while you are as poor as a church mouse. Follow your own advice first dumbass. I am gonna do what I see fit leave me alone!

Oh, you want a cute girlfriend, you have to do this” — Dumbass, you single. The last girlfriend you had left you for your neighbor. Fix your life first. Leave me alone.

  1. Take Responsibility for Your Own Life

Majority of the shit happening in your life has something to do with you and your actions. Shit happens sometimes, shit that you don’t even know the origin, but that stuff only occupies less than 1% of your life. All the other shit is shit you can control.

When you choose to be true to yourself, your life takes on a new meaning. Whatever happens in the past stays in the past. The present moment becomes yours, you grab it by the balls and make out of it whatever you want.

  1. Stand up for What You Believe in

If you believe that eating an avocado in public is cool, then don’t let me tell you otherwise.

If you believe that Donald Trump is the best thing that happened to America, then, don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. If they try to, kick their asses and then send them packing.

It is your life and it is short. Do whatever you feel like doing. Believe whatever you feel like believing in.

  1. Don’t Worry About Mistakes

You know it happens. You make a mistake and then keep replaying that shit over and over in your brain. The obvious thing that usually goes on in your brain is usually the thought about how people would think of you if they realized what you did.

Be true to yourself and realize that 99.999999999999% of the people on earth don’t care whether you exist right now or you died yesterday. You are being yourself, so why the hell does their opinion even matter?

  1. Know Your Strengths

Everyone is unique. To give you an example, see this guy here:

This dude may be handicapped but he is awesome at marketing. How many men do you think would just smile instead of putting a coin?

Okay, that was supposed to be a joke if you didn’t get it. What I am trying to say is that there is only one you in the whole world. If you aren’t true to yourself, it is a waste of all your strengths. No one would want that shit to happen. So, be you!

  1. Live in the Moment

Whatever you are doing, give it your 100% attention. It does not matter whether you are watching Cartoon on TV, hanging out with your best friend, sleeping or playing Fifa on your laptop. Give that shit your 100% attention.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not yet here. All you have is this moment.

  1. Remember Death Gives Your Life Meaning

What would happen if we had an infinite amount of time to live?

I would tell you what I would be doing right now. I would be somewhere sitting on a rock smoking weed, roll after roll.

You probably would be doing the same thing. But knowing that you are gonna grow old and die makes you work your ass off in order to accomplish something meaningful in life.

Remember, you have got a short amount of time for you to be who you are. Don’t waste it being someone else and then on the deathbed you will be regretting avoiding who you are your whole life.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” — Steve Jobs.

  1. Have Big Goals

If you have big goals, you won’t have time for bullshit. You won’t have time to be who you are not. You will be focused on doing what has to be done so that you can realize what you have set your mind towards.

When you have nothing going on in life, all you will be thinking is how to please people who don’t even know whether you exist. Forget that shit. Be you.

Wrapping Up

I knew it.

You already knew all that shit that I have written. The only thing you need is a reminder. So there it is.