Honest Advice to my 18-Year-Old Bros

I turned eighteen. My dad caught me peeing on our flower bed. He shouted at me and I jumped over our barbed wire fence and run away from home the whole day.

I was eighteen. I was mature and no one was supposed to tell me what the fuck I was supposed to do.

I got hooked up with a girl from our area and I even started planning on how to get married in my mind. I saw the kids walking besides me and my supposedly sweet heart. Fuck that! She dumped me.

I left home and went to college. I met guys who tried to influence me to start smoking fucking weed. If I did not smoke with them, I was “not cool”.

Goddamn assholes!

I have literally learnt a lot in these three years since I officially could drink in a Kenyan bar. Today I was bored, So, I decided to write this post.

1. Don’t Get Married at 18 Son (Don’t Get a Kid at 18)

I know what your dick is telling you.

Yeah, the testosterone is high.

You are chasing girls left and right.

Damn, I still do.

But one thing is clear as the light of the day. Put a condom on it each and every time.

The other day a guy at Campus just ripped off the whole condom dispenser from school and took it to his room.

Wise guy.

Steal a condom dispenser if you have to. But make sure that you never have a kid at this early age.

This is Africa and you know how it goes.

Get a kid with a certain girl = marrying that girl.

I am gonna tell you something kid, she is not your sole mate. And to be honest, I will tell you this, it is fucking boring to wake up and see the face of the same person since you are eighteen for like 70+ years.

It may end up in a divorce some 20 year from now. I am 105% sure that it actually will. And you know what? Papa government will be behind that woman. She will take half of what you own and then demand that you must be supporting her kids.

Imagine starting over at 38? Tough shit man.

Let this marrying shit just stay away. It will come later. Enjoy yourself right now, that one, I cannot deny you.

Also, don’t make women your number one thing.

Your number one thing should be to make cash. Money runs the world. Including women.

She will tell you that she doesn’t care whether you are broke… until, a man pulls up in a range rover and you notice that she is twirling her hair around her fingers.

2. College Does Not Equal Money

College is a big joke nowadays. It is not in the 90s anymore. In the 90s, all that our dads needed to get that high paying job is a college degree. Nowadays, you get your first degree, go back and get the second degree and then master and then PHD. But then, you still need connections to land a job.

Most of the time you see people with college degrees but still they are unemployable. College does not teach you the skills that you need in the real world working environment.

I am not telling you not to go to college. I have learnt a lot of things in college. But most the things I have learned were never taught in the class room. I either taught myself or I found a mentor.

Don’t depend on college to make you money in the future. Because, it won’t make you shit. You have to think outside the box.

Feel me?


3. Don’t Use the Internet for Facebook and Porn, Make Money Instead

Yes, there is money to be made on the internet. I know, right now you are like: what the fuck is he saying?

Let me ask you, what is the one thing that you see everyone doing nowadays?

Everyone is on the internet. These people who go on the internet each and every day are your customers. You just have to find a way of making these people pay you.

If I were you (the fact is that I am not you) I would spend my evenings not chatting with “bae” on my phone but researching the following:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • How to write ebooks
  • Blogging
  • Online advertising
  • Etc

These are the key things that you will need to learn in order to build a profitable online business.

4. Your Family is Not Always Right

Excuse me for my lack of manners.

But what I have just said is true.

Not unless your dad is a self-made millionaire, then I would advise you to follow your own heart instead of following the path he tells you that it will lead to success.

They will tell you the usual fucking things.

Go to college (accumulate debt in terms of loans) -> Find a job (there are no jobs anymore god damnit) -> Get married and have kids -> Struggle through life -> retire and fucking die.

I believe that life can be much better than this.

Especially when you get to choose your own path and not just follow the one that is created for you by Dad and Mom.

5. You Have Got a Future No Matter What You See Right Now

Your future is always what you make it. Yes, you can either choose to think that your life is as fucked up as it is right now or you can choose to utilize that time to build yourself a future for which you will be proud of.

Don’t listen to downers either. These are just people trying to make you think that life is real tough and that it is not worth it. I call these people vampires.

They thrive at sucking other people’s blood and then when they are done, they leave you helpless. They then go around your back and start talking shit about you.

They will even tell everyone how much of a looser you are.


Never listen to these people in your life.

Always know that you have your life in your hands. Never let nobody bullshit you. You are the king!

6. Find Accomplished Men and Pick Their Brains

I call these men mentors.

Don’t you ever listen to your dad’s friend who is trying to teach you abut how to live a great life while he himself doesn’t even have a life.

It is like a poor man trying to teach you how to get rich.

Myself, I would be like: “Sir, I respect you very much, but, why aren’t you rich if you know this much about getting rich, why the hell aren’t you rich yourself. Get the hell out of my face!”

Find someone who has accomplished what you have always wanted to accomplish and then get them to teach you how to do what they have done.

7. Don’t Buy Anything if You Cannot Afford it

Debt is slavery.

It will tie you to whoever you are in debt with until the day you die.

If you cannot afford that new phone, leave it alone.

Don’t get a loan so that you can buy the goddamn phone.

You will thank me later.

8. Nobody Believes in You

Nobody has a freaking idea about what you can do. You are the only who knows what you can actually do.

Just set your goals and stay focused.

Don’t give care about what they think of you. Just trust in yourself. They will start believing in you immediately you achieve what they had always thought that you cannot achieve.

9. Be Proud of Who You Are

Whether you are a white, blue, you have some gaps in your teeth, you are shorter than a table, whatever you are, be proud about it.

That is the only way you can become an achiever.

Otherwise, if you are not proud of who you are, you will not have the balls to go after what you want.

Wrapping Up…

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