The Generation Y is Depressed

Look at the 21st century kids. Especially those who have just graduated from college. If there is anything that you can tell about them, it is the fact that they are all depressed.

I did say it, generation Y yuppies are not happy. They are depressed.

My parents were born during that period when there was no independence in my country. It’s around that time when there was the world war II, damn, America and Russia were involved in the cold war. With each making the biggest bomb that they could afford to make and then taking it to the rival countries desert and detonating it and making sure that the rival country heard about it.

This was the time when the economy in my country was just beginning to grow again after the world war had taken it to shit.

So, my grandparents encouraged their kids to work hard and achieve the security that my grandparents had never had financially.

So, my dad and his siblings worked as hard as they could and managed to achieve the lifestyle that they never thought they could have. The outcomes were far better than what they had expected. They managed to build they own homes, buy their own land and start their own businesses.

Now let’s come to us, their kids. Those kids born in the late 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century.

There is this thing that we have become used to. It is called passion.

After our parents achieved success beyond their imagination, they started telling their kids this:

Do not settle!”

“If you have to do anything, you have got to love it!”

Then bloggers realized that they could use these statements to make money from these depressed generation Y kids.

So, what did they do?

They created blogs to reinforce this idea before leveraging the traffic they got from these kids to create ebooks and sell them to the kids. These bloggers hired the best SEO artist who manipulated the words “career advice” to create each and every variation of the word such that when anyone searched something related to these two words online, their blogs came up first in the search engines results page.

So, these kids got the mentality that they will have to work in a job if they have passion about it.

The blogs also fed these 21st century kids’ ego such that they all thought that they are better than everyone.

Every kid thinks that now because he has gone to college, all he or she needs is that college degree and then the world will notice how great they are and repay them by delivering what they want.

Look at our youths. They think that that good house that their high school friend just bought should have been his. That beautiful girlfriend that their friend has should be theirs.

Look at the competition on Facebook.

Each and every one of these kids is on the rush to show their friends that they have the best life.

They have photoshopped their lives to leave only the very best parts of their lives visible to the people around them.

Go on Facebook and see the stuff that these kids are posting. On a normal day when the internet connection is working, you will find posts like:

“Yey! Look, I just got married to the greatest man!”

“I just got myself those Nike shoes that cost 2000$”

“Look, I got myself the latest car”

My head is already aching having written those three sentences.

The above leaves the generation Y kind stressed. They will be like:

“Everyone is riding high up in their lives. Why not me?”

This even makes these kids start question their careers.

“I could be the president, but my passion is in music, yeah, I know that I lack talent in music, but becoming the president will be settling.”

“I have this great job that pays my bills and pays for my vacation. But I wanted to become an athlete. I know that I can’t run. But the blogger so and so told me that if I want to live my life, I have to quit my job and go become what I always wanted.”

You get what I am talking about?


Read through the post again. Maybe you will get it.

How Do We Change this?

1. The Comparison Has Got to Stop

Delete your Facebook and Instagram account if you have to. I did it myself. I didn’t die. You won’t die.

All those perfect shots that your friends are showing you on social media are just some derivation from their fucked-up life that are destined to manipulate those watching from outside that their lives are great.

Ask yourself this:

Why didn’t she post a post describing the heartbreaking break up that she went through last year before getting married this year?

Yeah, she has got that new car, why doesn’t she tell us that she borrowed money to buy it?

Yeah, she has got a cool new house, why doesn’t she post that photo on that day when the toilet kept overflowing and she nearly went mad before her neighbor helped her fix it.

I mean, social media is something that we all should learn to ignore completely.

Comparison does not only stem from social media. It also comes from people especially generation Y kids trying to equate themselves with their peers.

You have got to learn that what people show is just a fraction of their live that they want you to see. The fraction that looks perfect from the outside.

2. Do Your Own Thing Kid

Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

Don’t let your parents influence your life. Don’t go to college to study what they think that you should study.

Sure, your parents brought you to this world, but you have got a whole life ahead of you to live.

Do you want to be on your death bed and then regretting because you did not live your life and instead you lived according to how everyone who was not you wanted you to live?

This goes without saying:

Listen to people’s suggestions but make your own decisions.

Let that blogger tell you that you have to follow your passion. But weigh your chances of succeeding and decide for yourself.

3. Nobody Knows How Great You are; Show Them

Generation Y kids expect to go to college and then once they are through the whole world will just notice how awesome they are and offer the best jobs.

I will tell you what?

We are 7.5 billion people on this world and everyone thinks that they are all awesome.

Nobody will know how good you are until you show them.

That means that if you want that particular job, you will have to do that unpaid internship first.

4. You May Never Become What You Always Wanted: It is Fine

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be Bill Gates. That was right after I heard my friends say that he is the richest man on earth.

Looking at my life now, I probably will never be the richest guy ever.

Ever watched fight club? That movie is awesome. You should watch it.

Somewhere Tyler Durden says this:

[..] the society that we are brought up in has led us into believing that we will all become movie stars and rock stars. But now we are learning that that will never happen and we are really pissed [..]”

Yeah, I was brought up thinking that I could be what I wanted to be. And that is true. If you work hard, I am not disputing that you can be whatever you always wanted to be, but you must also agree with me that we may never achieve most of those dreams that we had as kids.

That is fine though.

There is no need to worry about it. Life is in fact too short to keep worrying.

5. Never Give Up

If there is one thing that you should never do is give up.

Yeah, I am serious on this.

No matter how hard it gets. Don’t you ever give up.

There is an African proverb that goes like:

“It is always darkest just before the morning light comes up.”

I know how it feels like to be a 20 something year old kid.

A lot of expectations from family.

A lot of expectations from neighbors.

A lot of expectations from yourself.

The world seems like it is trying to kill all your dreams and send you into the streets where you would die.

The key is to never give up.

Fall down once.

Stand the up twice.

Wrapping up…

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