I know you know what I am talking about here.

Hold, on a minute. I think my adrenaline is a bit high. I almost fought with a conductor today after I gave him my one thousand shillings note and instead of giving back my change he claimed that he had already done so. Don’t worry, that case is already closed.

You know this kind of a person. Maybe it is even you:

This guy didn’t get married because his first girlfriend left him when he was 16. He is not successful in life because mommy and daddy couldn’t take him to college. He couldn’t get a job because he lacked any connections.

Oh, you know the deal with this guy. Nothing happens in his life is ever his fault. It is either daddy’s fault, mommy’s fault or whoever pops in his head.

Dude, when will you take control of your fucking life?

If you ask this guy whether this blame game works for him, he will just nod and say, yes!

What the fuck are you even talking about boy?

Since when did blaming others work?

This is the mentality you have to eliminate completely if you want to live your life and not regret on that day when you will be on your death bed.

Oh, I know you don’t like being told that you will die. But the thing is, you are gonna freaking die.

You can hate me, I am cool with that.

I wrote about life being short. I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought about my crazy ass.

If you are serious about living like I am, this blame game has to end.

But the question is: how do you do this?

I also don’t know.

Hold on, sometimes I write shit before my mind finishes processing. I have got tips for you on how to end this cycle of blame game that is ending your life each and every minute without giving you a freaking second for which you can be alive.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Agree that you have a victim mentality

I will tell you a story.

I have a little sister.

When she was about 2years old, I caught her eating sugar from the big container that my mum uses to store sugar.

I pretended that I did not see her and then knocked on the kitchen door. She freaked out. She hid the sugar container and then turned to face me.

I then asked her, “Have you eaten any sugar today?

Kid: I have not eaten anything all day long.
Me: What the fuck happened to your mouth?[/caption]

I know you already guessed the answer. She said NO. Despite the fact that her mouth was covered in sugar.

When you have a victim mentality, in most of the cases, you will never want to agree that you have this problem.

Let’s assume that you have a certain disease, like me, I am diabetic, if I don’t accept that I have diabetes, can I work towards trying to manage it?

Of course, no.

You too can’t get rid of your victim mentality if you don’t agree that you have it.

How can you get rid of something you don’t have?

2. Forgive

Yeah, I know, some of the people whom you hold responsible for whatever is happening in your life actually did something wrong that has fucked up your life.

Remember, holding a grudge against someone is like holding a hot metal in your hand and expecting me to get hurt.

What are you? 3 months old?

Someone you are mad at right now because he did some shit to you a few weeks ago is somewhere on a beach enjoying himself. He does not even remember that he fucked you up.

You have to learn to forgive and move on.

If forgiving proves hard to you, approach whoever wronged you and work out your grudge. Fist fights are allowed here.

But holding grudges? That is a NO! NO!

3. Practice gratitude

The other day I saw a guy in town sleeping on the sidewalk with a plastic sack for a bed and a polythene sheet for a blanket.

This had me thinking, why the hell do I get to own my own house and this dude sleeps out here in the cold?

It made me realize that there are people in life who have it worse than me.

Most of the time you will find that the victim mentality arises from you thinking that your life is the shittest thing that ever happened to planet earth.

Look around and see that there are people who have it worse than you.

It will make you stop the cycle of thoughts running through your head trying to convince you that you have to blame so and so for your shitty life.

In fact, you will start being thankful.

4. Take responsibility for your life

It is your life dude. Your parents stopped being responsible for you the day you turned eighteen. Now it is all on you to take your life to where you would like it to go.

You think that you can’t get married because your girlfriend dumped you?

First ask yourself, who the hell is she?

You got this.

Get yourself another girl.

You think you can’t land a job because you don’t have connections?

Well, work your ass off and get you the connection you need to get that fucking job.

Otherwise, you can do what Dwayne Johnson has already suggested one too many times:


Oh, shit.

Did you think that I was gonna rant here all day trying to convince you to stop having a victim mentality?

You are in for a very big shock.

Now it is up to you to determine whether you can do this or you are gonna let my words just slip off.

I suggest you don’t let my words slip off.

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