Art is important

I have to admit, I don’t like being busy all the time. Because my work requires some creativity, it can be tiring, even though I sat on my duff all day eating Cheetos and drinking chocolate milk. Thus, as I pack on the pounds, I need that precious brain shut-off time.

Lately, nearly all my alone time is filled with Art of some type. Books, music, paintings, DIY projects (my DIY work is considered art in my own mind). Reading, hearing, or looking at other people’s interpretations of their world over the centuries is my favorite escape.

Since I find most of my reading and listening type of art on the web, I am lately floored by the vast amount of it, from literally the dawn of written history, if I look hard enough. I am in gratitude so many artists spent countless hours and made sacrifices for their work that now clarify my world, in 2017. I am grateful also for the webmasters out there who bury up, format and post these artifacts and classics from the past.

There is a certain level of humility/smallness/insignificance (?) I feel, in a good way. There’s no way I will produce the quality and quantity of work of the greats, yet I am still able to consume them and enjoy them and will never run out of new material in my lifetime. I may be one of the odd balls who grasps onto the freedom of information and speech, even as it is getting more and more strained.

Eventually, you realize that you are a dot in history where every thought created by man is a few taps on your phone. It’s easy to take this power for granted, even though there has been no other dot in history like the one you now enjoy.