what i would tell my 18 year old self

1. you’re more stupid than you think

You think you’re smart, but you’re not. This is still useless advice because I would’ve ignored it anyway.

2. your parents may actually be cooler than you think

When you grow up, you’ll come to appreciate your dad’s sense of humor, honesty, and humility. You’ll find that your mom’s nagging actually came from a place of love — and always will.

You would be ignoring this advice too because it’s another cliche among the zillions you’ve already proven wrong — with that smart brain of yours, of course.

3. you’re still more stupid than you think

Did I mention this already? You might want to ask for help rather than digging the hole deeper and deeper to a very bad solution. You don’t got this, in other words. You’re not the mysterious, unique human being you think you are. Your experiences might — spoiler alert — be completely average.

4. …try not to be stupid

But you’ve already got that taken care of. It will take a while to understand this lesson until you’ve been beaten up a good bit. It’s cool. You learn things the hard way.

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