What is an event loop???

In 2014, Philip Roberts spoke about event loops during the JSConf EU. Roberts wanted to visualize the process of how callbacks made in javascript can block the browser from taking additional commands and how the event loop and webAPIs help manage concurring events that have a set time of execution.

Through a program that shows the step by step journey that functions take to execute through the call stack and into the console, Roberts achieved the logical connection that software engineers should be mindful in how they code and that when in javascript, we should code for the efficiency of the browser in mind. He showed that the User Interface can be severely affected by setting up bad functions.

This video has been very helpful for me as a beginner because I never thought about the javascript as a queue for tasks. Until now, everything seems to happen instantly but now I recognize that I should be more self-aware about my code and tread carefully into the realm of asynchronous commands.