The pandemic took something from me, but also helped me appreciate an incredible experience.

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Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Right now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, every day is a river of data — number of tests, new positives, hospital capacity, and daily deaths. Countless tracking sites are updated throughout the day, giving us near real time access to the latest data and trends.

It’s quite incredible, really.

But the scope and immediacy of all this data also remind me of that which we’re not seeing yet — the stories behind the numbers. And the stories that will never appear as a positive case, a recovery, or a death.

This unbelievably interesting time has impacted people’s lives in so many ways. People have lost opportunities…and created new ones. They’ve lost physical connections to people they’ve hugged daily for years, but they’ve also used technology to reconnect with old friends they haven’t shared physical space with in decades. They’ve rekindled old hobbies, reread favorite books, and even rediscovered the strengths that underlie their closest relationships. …


J. Matt Buchanan

Writing is my common thread. Law, science, invention, innovation, history, life.

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