Social justice is a phrase that originated with Jesuit priests and argued for moral justice…
David Streever

I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. The difference is that I have no problem at all with equality of opportunity, which means that segregation is bad. Everyone should have the same opportunity to make something of themselves.

But equality of opportunity is not what “social justice” has come to mean. Where I part ways with what has become known as “social justice” is that the latter assumes automatically that any inequality of outcome is necessarily the fault of society, not of the person who’s lower on the totem pole. SJWs want to make us all equal using the coercive power of more and more, and more and more intrusive government, to force those who have more to give up in favor of those who have less — regardless of the latter’s life choices.

Ann Lemay wants to force every game to hew to her ideas of political correctness. If she had her way, Doom wouldn’t exist any more.

The world can be a better place for everyone. The first thing to do is to get rid of the massive, pervasive government overreach that has caused it to stick its tentacles into every aspect of every person’s everyday life. That is exactly antithetical to what those promoting “social justice” want, because they think that the only way to improve people’s lives is to have government meddle in them even more.