Ah, yes. When a man pursues a political career for years and ultimately runs for president, he’s…
Liz Mitchell

Nice try at playing the gender card.

The difference here is that Hillary Clinton isn’t just ambitious. I have no problems with ambition. The problem here is that she will say whatever she needs to say to get elected. She lies as naturally and as often as she breathes. She throws principles, ideals, and subordinates under the bus the moment they stand in her way. She makes excuses with absolutely no shame once they’re demonstrated to be false.

She does nothing that doesn’t serve her quest for more and more power. She acts as though she’s entitled to it, and the only time she’s really angry is when she’s denied it — and woe betide anyone who dares cross the powerful Clinton machine.

No, it’s nto gender-related. It’s Hillary Clinton, specifically. I’d say just the same thing about any man who acted the same way…like, say, Bill, who isn’t pursuing the presidency again only because of that pesky Constitution thing.