I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I agree that our system is broken.
Andrew Moriarty

The problem is that what you see as bad actors, techies see as a way of life. H-1Bs are nothing more than a displacement mechanism for American workers. Does your friend Nikhil’s comany only hire H-1Bs and not even consider Americans? There are companies out there that do exactly that.

The Gang of Eight bill, S.744, was fatally flawed from the get-go. It was about amnesty for illegal immigrants, pure and simple. No matter how good its H-1B provisions are, the fundamentals of the bill make it unacecptable. It is that bill that fueled the rise of Donald Trump, because it showed the average American that neither party was out to protect his interests. They were too busy pandering to the open-borders Left and businesses that want to cut costs by not hiring Americans. And if Marco Rubio’s campaign to be nominated for President fails, a very large part of the blame can be laid at S.744's doorstep.

The simple fact is that we do not need comprehensive immigration reform of the kind pushed by the Washington establishment. What we need is to get control of our borders and end illegal and abusive immigration. Then and only then should we decide what we want as a society in our immigrants, and then enact tough laws to make sure that’s what we get. Meanwhile, those who are here illegally need to go home and get in the back of the line like everyone else, rather than be rewarded for their lawbreaking with citizenship.

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