Put simply, you are totally (and conveniently) ignoring the millions of blue voters in the…
Tina Willis

The rules are simple. They set up 51 individual elections. Donald Trump won a clear majority of those elections, and 306 of the 538 votes total to be awarded. Hillary Clinton won many fewer, and only the ones in a narrow swath of states along the coasts.

The system is designed to ensure that the successful candidate appeals to more than just a few narrow swaths of the country. Trump did, more so than Clinton. That’s why he won.

The rules are what they are for a reason. Complaining after the fact is a child’s game.

As for being disenfranchised, that’s me in Congress. Both Senators and the Representative in my district are hard-left Democrats. I have no voice in Congress. By your own argument, I am entitled to overturn one of those…but somehow I doubt you’ll see it that way.

Bush v. Gore had the Supreme Court reversing a ruling that was plainly counter to Florida and Federal law. You may not like that much, but it was indeed righting a wrong. An Electoral College coup would be committing a wrong.

Someone once said ”Elections have consequences”. So they do, and I hope the Left chokes on this one like they’ve forced the rest of us to choke on them for the last 8 years.