Carl, have you by chance noticed that innocent people have been shot WHILE COOPERATING with the…

There’s an inconvenient fact, though: white people who interact with cops are more likely to be shot than black people. How can you pass this off as institutional racism?

Unccoperative white people get shot too. It’s not the race, it’s the lack of cooperation. The simple fact is that, in an encounter between a citizen and the police, regardless of race (and don’t forget, there are plenty of black cops who have to defend themselves with lethal force), the cop has all the power. All you’ll get by resisting him, even if you are completely, totally, 100% within your rights, is a worse outcome.

If a cop violates your rights, comply anyway — and then beat them in court, where they don’t have all of the power. If this happens enough, then they’ll learn.

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