Bernie will be the nominee. Period.
Yvonne C. Claes

What color is the sky on your world? Once Hillary Clinton gets to 2343 delegates, it’s all over, period, end of discussion. Bernie Sanders can’t get there unless he convinces superdelegates to break ranks with the majorities in the states that have already voted, or with a massive landslide win in California — on the scale of 80% or more.

Me, I’m watching the Democrats fall into 1968 all over again and fervently hoping the result is the same: a Republican victory. Mind you, I’m not a Trumpist. I only support him because I think both Clinton and Sanders would be far worse for the country. Still, the pattern is playing itself out.

But I’m going to very strongly encourage one friend who lives in Philadelphia to get the hell out of town that week, for his own safety.