The Claim that the Media is Rigging the Election — and Citizens United
Ned Foley

What you’re forgetting is that the MSM has a gigantic advantage in credibility with the public at large, compared to even Fox News, let along other media organizations that aren’t part of the leftist MSM. They are using this advantage to promote stories unfavorable to conservatives and other Republicans, and kill stories unfavorable to Hillary Clinton. The number of stories that have been ignored that would nto have been if Clinton was a Republican is climbig daily.

They’re using that advantage shamelessly and skillfully to manipulate public opinion by controlling what the public hears about — and by pooh-poohing Clinton’s crimes as somehow not important.

The real problem is that, should Citizens United be overturned, the MSM would still be able to use their corporate backing to control the national discourse, not through persuasion, but through censorship and controlling the information flow.

One does not persuade by hiding things. One persuades by laying the truth out and arguing for it. The MSM is doing the former, not the latter.

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