I’ve lived in the USA for the better part of the past six years.
cameron burgess

Where have you lived in the US? If it’s just New York and the Bay Area, you do not truly understand the culture and history and mindset of the average American. Have you ever been through the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains in any way other than flying over them at 35,000 feet? If not, then you don’t really understand how vast this country is. I thought I did, and then I drove from my home in rural southern Minnesota to Salt Lake City by way of Yellowstone National Park. A back road across Montana will change your perceptions.

We do better than any other country at assimilating people form other places and making them Americans, but even so, we’re not perfect and we’re not able to assimilate those who do not want to be. I cannot quarrel with your decision to assimilate or not; that’s entirely yours to make. I can, however, quarrel with your ignorance of American political thought and history and attempt to enlighten you as to what you appear to be missing.

Congratulations on being successful in your field of endeavor. I wish I could say the same, but Barack Obama’s historically anemic “recovery” kept me effectively unemployed for five years, struggling along on consulting gigs, and when I finally landed a regular job, it was for half my previous income — a situation that will probably never improve. As you might imagine, I’m very, very unhappy at that state of affairs.

So yes, you can indeed weigh in on what you see as the problems in our system. Don’t expect many of us to listen, however.

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