So, let me get this right.
Douglas E. Berry

Your question betrays your own bias. “Rather than industry leaders and award-winning authors and artists”? There are plenty of industry leaders and award-winning authors and artists who aren’t hard-left politically correct icons. How about John Ringo? Larry Correia? Sarah Hoyt? David Weber? Ken Burnside? Jerry Pournelle? Brendan Eich? Larry Garfield? Or anyone who’s been hounded from their position by a howling mob of political correctness?

And why is it that people think I object to the idea of consent just because I object to having it shoved in my face at every opportunity? I do not, most emphatically. Consent is vital to human interaction. Those who commit sexual assault should be arrested and jailed. But the con went way over the line with the “consent culture” posters everywhere. That, as well as the politically-loaded term “consent culture”, in its implicit opposition to the utterly silly notion of “rape culture”, are what I object to. Nothing else.

Yes, I know the con has a legal right to toss an attendee. That right has been abused at other cons to eject those who are merely politically incorrect, instead of actually assaulting others or doing something else that actually is a violation of their rights.

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