Is Donald Trump An Actual Democrat Plant?

I want everyone to play a quick game with me.

Go into your kitchen and get a roll of aluminum foil. Back? Good. Now tear a sheet off, and fashion it into a hat. It can just loosely cover your head, or you can make a triangle shaped lid. Just something good enough to make sure the government’s mind reading and mind controlling gamma rays can’t infiltrate your skull.

Now that you have your conspiracy hat on, think about how one political party could plant someone into another political party in order to throw an election. What would that plant have to do and say in order for you to believe that they are indeed placed there by the opposition party?

  • Encouraged to run by said parties presumed-candidate’s spouse? ✔️
  • Is an actual political donor to said presumed-candidate? ✔️
  • Says literally the stupidest things by any nominee ever on a daily basis? ✔️
  • Has virtually zero campaign staff? ✔️
  • Not running an actual national campaign? ✔️
  • Runs zero television advertisements? ✔️
  • Someone who offends and mocks virtually all ethnic and gender groups? ✔️
  • Is literally a Twitter troll? ✔️
  • Has the morality of Hugh Hefner? ✔️
  • Refuses to understand or learn any of the national and international issues facing America? ✔️

Ok, everyone take your hats off. Phew, that was a fun exercise!

Now, apply that list to the republican candidate. I’m not saying Trump is an actual democrat plant. But if he was, WHAT WOULD HE BE DOING DIFFERENTLY?