Draft Outline of An Intro to Digital Art Creation for Beginners

Why you should begin with a game playing attitude.

This tool selection interface in ArtRage is one of my favorites

As I mentioned a couple days ago, using digital applications for many people is unpleasant. They either start with something way above their head, or they started learning with a instant proficiency expectation and become self critical or critical of the app because they do not yet know how to use it.

I recommend adopting a game playing attitude. Explore an application. Instead of expecting proficiency, play with the possibilities and skip trying too hard to accomplish a specific purpose. Then grow your proficiency in the application one option at a time.

I have committed to create an introductory course in Digital Art Creation for beginners. Most of the digital art creation tools that I use have some common interface elements and features. Once you understand some of the basic features and get comfortable with them, growing proficiency by adding on one new skill or feature manipulation at a time becomes much easier.

Below is a preliminary outline of what I think needs to be covered. Please point me to resources that already exist if you see that I am reinventing the wheel here.

These are the movable tool selection pallets in another one of my favorite apps, Autodesk’s Sketchbook.

Creating Document Options

Saving and Exporting Options

Selection of Tools and Choosing Tool options for:



Selection of Areas

Fill and Gradient Fill




(The below would probably best fit in an advanced module)

Blend Modes


I am going to try to expand this outline into some video modules and see how much time it would take to cover these basics.

Any feedback you have would be appreciated.

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